About Us

"bugsweep" – the Center for Technical Surveillance Counter- Measures (TSCM) services is a technology entity that operates in two areas:

  1. Development of measures and technological methods to locate and identify technical surveillance measures of any type and method worldwide.
  2. Provision of TSCM services.

"bugsweep" was set up in 2006 by experts with years of extensive know how in governmental and private organizations. We strive to provide the most technologically advanced TSCM services of the highest standard available in Israel and worldwide to civilian and private entities wishing to prevent espionage against them and to protect the their information assets. The cornerstone and guiding principles of our operations are:

Technological innovation.

  • Use of valid and reliable tools.
  • Transparency, reliability and excellence.
  • Confidentiality and an uncompromising commitment to the client.
  • Added value services not available from other vendors in the field.

Our qualitative response, based on our experience gained with clients in Israel and worldwide, has led us to develop a comprehensive services concept enabling us to provide a fitting response to a diverse range of information security threats in the form of a one-stop-shop solution.

"bugsweep" services:

The service

TSCM investigations to detect electronic eavesdropping

A highly comprehensive and thorough investigation that addresses an extremely broad range of threats and technical surveillance means. The investigation employs highly advanced detection technologies and methods. The investigation is conducted by experts with extensive know-how.

Detection of spy phone apps on cell phones

The investigation makes use of the latest professional tools to read and decipher the information contained on the cell phone devices.

Digital information security

A range of all-embracing professional investigation conducted by computer and hacking experts. The investigations are designed to investigate information leaks, spyware and harm done, and to deploy protection and monitoring systems.

Consulting and training

The professional team brings its extensive experience in providing protection to bear in order to prepare a protection and prevention plan against technical surveillance, including:

  • Studying the object and its needs
  • Conducting a risk analysis.
  • Preparing an action plan and overseeing the process.
  • Supervision and implementation.
  • Training.

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