Digital information security

"bugsweep" specializes in providing professional solutions for digital information security.

The services include:

Analysis and mapping of needs:

  • Compiling a threat analysis that runs on the IT systems in the organization.
  • Reviewing and custom tailoring the means of protection to suitably handle the threats employed against the organization's IT systems.

Network security:

  • Communications: detecting breaches of the organization's ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems. Investigating the channels of penetration from the outside. Monitoring of information (investigating of traffic). Surveillance investigations of databases and email.
  • Servers: securing of communications systems and server farms: Trojans, various types of viruses, investigating of the backup system, investigating of the gateways to the system and detecting of attacks perpetrated to harm the organization's servers.
  • Workstations: means of protection and access authorizations: studying the organization and the allocation of control authorizations, organizing the organizational-network structure, and comprehensive mapping of the network.

Computer investigations:

  • For workstations as well as for stationary and laptop computers.
  • Exposure of blocked files.
  • Exposure of spyware.
  • Recovery and extraction of old/ deleted files.
  • Exposure of passwords and work measure

Deployment of protection and monitoring systems

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