TSCM -Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

The TSCM investigation consists of an array of technical and other operations performed by highly skilled experts using equipment and special instrumentation to locate and detect technological means that enable any party to conduct spying operations, such as: electronic eavesdropping, surveillance, technical tracking, and/or interception of another "call" of another party in a given environment.

"bugsweep's" methodological approach

The TSCM investigation, like any other examination in any other area of our lives, must provide a solution appropriate to the nature and type of the phenomenon being investigated (in our case, the phenomenon investigated is detecting the technological spying measures employed by the adversary). For the investigation to be effective, it must meet two basic prerequisites: validity
and reliability. That is, the relevance of the investigation tools, and the use made thereof to investigate the phenomenon in question. The consistency of the measurement results.

"bugsweep" provides the following highly advanced services:

  • The technical equipment that we use to detect technical surveillance is the most advanced in the world, and includes exclusive devices developed by us not found anywhere else. For example: we employ a unique system that provides the technological means to detect GSM transmitters, including those in standby mode at the site. (That is: if GSM transmitters were planted, and the operator turned them off for whatever reason, we will detect them with a high degree of accuracy, even without the need for a physical investigation). Bear in mind: GSM transmitters are the most widely used form of civilian espionage today, more than any other spying device.
  • The investigations are performed by a team of skilled professionals with technological training and extensive experience in the areas of: telephony and communications, RF – ELF, computers and network security, infrastructures and low voltage systems. Our investigation team does a solid job and makes optimal and professional use of the equipment, thereby maximizing the ability to detect the spying measures employed.
  • The investigations conducted by us are thorough and meticulous, providing a comprehensive solution to an extensive range of threats. Investigations are conducted on the basis of a technical specification that "covers" the threats employed in the civilian sphere. (See the "Technical Specification" section in the "Professional Information" chapter).
  • We tailor the investigations to the client's needs, both in terms of scale and in terms of time schedules, and consequently, we operate round the clock.

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