Spyphone investigations

We detect spyware on cell phone devices.

Once spyware is installed on a cell phone device, the device becomes the ultimate espionage tool for the entity defined in the app as the "controlling entity".

Cell phones can be can be infected with spyware in one of several well-known ways:

  • Physical insertion of the cell phone device in a computer.
  • Direct installation from a website that sells such software over the Web.
  • Opening an email file.
  • Opening MMS or SMS messages.

Note: installation of some apps on a cell phone device requires a "confirm" operation, but other apps are capable of disguising themselves as an innocent file, and opening them automatically installs the app

From the moment the app is installed, the "controlling entity" can do the following:

  • Listen in on conversations conducted in the space the device is in.
  • Intercept incoming and outgoing SMS messages.
  • Listen in on phone calls.
  • View files, including photos.
  • Gain control of the camera and watch what is happening in real time.
  • Activate the GPS.

Detecting spyware on cell phones is complex for many reasons, some of which are:

  • Developers have developed apps that capable of disguising themselves well.
  • The app does not leave any tracks in the logs.
  • The app resides on the device's hardwired IMEI, so that replacing the SIM card does not remove the app.
  • The app is capable of transferring information over the Internet in compressed files; then, every time the cell phone connects to the Internet, confidential information is sent to an anonymous website.

The investigations conducted by us are as follows: Detection of the information contained on the mobile device using valid and reliable forensics tools.

  • Use of advanced detection and diagnostics software tools
  • An individual investigation of every suspect finding.
  • Report generation.

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